29th January 2016 – the date of my diagnosis.

I haven’t had any medical progress in my transition for nearly 7 months, until I finally got a letter detailing my appointment at the Gender Clinic at St. Cadoc’s to talk with Dr Jamil. I’m confused to what this will entail, I was told during my diagnosis that he is the ‘gateway’ doctor to the GIC in London. I’m hoping that maybe he will be able to clear up my confusion, as I’m still waiting to hear off my GP about being able to have a low dose of something that could help with my dysphoria and aid my transition.

A lot of people, like myself, like to know how long the process takes. I can only speak for my first experience in Wales, so I will cover each appointment with each step, as I already started 7 months ago Step 1 – Diagnosis. My next step will be the 6th September, my appointment with Dr Jamil.

This is just a quick update, hopefully I’ll know more after my appointment.