I wasn’t planning on writing today, today was an amazing day, but there is something I need to talk about.

Just like I do every once in a while, I took to YouTube to watch some videos on the personal experiences of transgender people; both FTM and MTF. Personally, I don’t like the world knowing that I am transgender, not because I am being stealth, I just think it is a personal fact about myself and only the people closest to me I am comfortable with knowing the most private parts of my life. Also, I think it’s because in many departments I am still quite scared about the reactions I might get from people. For this reason I really admire people who take to YouTube and share their stories, their experiences and give advice to those who are transgender or those who wish to be educated on the matter.

What I saw today was not acceptable – not just to anyway who is transgender but to the whole population, because no one should be treated the way I saw when I was scrolling through the comments of someone’s YouTube video.

First of all, someone decided to point out that the YouTuber didn’t have the ‘private parts’ that matched his gender identity (despite gender being in the brain not in the pants). But that was mild compared to one person who decided to describe the transguy as a freakshow.  

The man continued to say that a person should be comfortable in the gender that they were born in and that they shouldn’t be transforming themselves into a false gender. I have no problem with anyone who was born with the gender that they are happy with – I have no problem with anyone at all and so I don’t understand how this guy, who has never met the YouTuber, or probably any transgender person, feels that he can comment his negative opinion with the use of spiteful and harmful words. These words brought tears to my eyes and fire to my words and I am in a confident position in my transition, I can’t imagine how it would impact someone who is scared to come out to their family or someone who is afraid just like I used to be.

Comments like this can cause someone to take their own life in any situation, transgender or not. This harmful form of bullying can push people to the edge, to think and feel things that no one should feel.

We are not a freakshow, and as for the word normal, what is it anyway? There is no normal, there just is. Life will forever need lighting up if people like the person who tried to put us down continue to spite their negative opinions.

I guess I just wanted to say something about what some people think about us, no one should be put down no matter who they are or how they express themselves.